Charon's Staircase - Provisional poster


Interactive adventure & Immersive story & Psychological Horror

By order of the Ministry, Agent Desmond crosses the fence of Oack Grove, There, he will overcome all his fears and test his imagination.

A dark and dramatic story, which happened a long time ago, a suggestive music, will transport you to an experience full of haunting atmospheres, an immersive adventure that will reach deep of your soul.

CHARON’S STAIRCASE, is an immersive adventure, full of atmosphere, with an original script that contains many surprises and secrets. Thought as a "First-person" its main base is the exploration of the environment. A hybrid proposal, between an "Environment Exploration " and the typical Adventure game. 

Length of Game: 6 / 10 Hours
Languages: English, Spanish,  French, German and more. 


The secrets of Oack Grove, its lagoon and its Manor.

The Lewelin's Library - Charon's Staircase

The hall of the Manor - Charon's Staircase

The forest guard's room - Charon's Staircase

The Lewelin's Garden - Charon's Staircase

Exterior of the Lewelin's Manor - Charon's Staircase

The foyer of the Manor - Charon's Staircase

The dining room - Charon's Staircase

Inside the Hospital - Charon's Staircase

Oack Grove Pier - Charon's Staircase


First images of Charon's Staircase

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