Fear the unknown with Charon's Staircase

In these recent times in which the horror genre is experiencing a new resurgence, a Spanish-developed title with a most disturbing design appears before us. Charon's Staircase is the second work of its creators Indigo Studios after the puzzle game Seven Doors and now has the backing of publisher Soedesco. 

In this teaser we are introduced to our character, a secret agent codenamed Desmond who serves a totalitarian government known as the Ministry. His mission is to retrieve Dr. Lewelin's research files from the Oak Grove Manor. However, something lurks within the walls of the Victorian-style mansion. And it won't be long before Desmond stumbles upon something far more sinister: Project Alpha.

Charon's Staircase will launch in October on PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Spanish independent video game studio Indigo Studios, Charon's Staircase is an immersive first-person horror mystery game that focuses on exploration while telling a dark and dramatic narrative. Accompanied by ominous environments, menacing music and fully-voiced narration, Charon's Staircase will take you to a world full of haunting atmospheres.

Pitch & Produce | LUCIDUS MORTEM

We are very happy to share with you that recently our game Lucidus Mortem has been chosen by Reallusion for their pitch and produce programme.

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Amazing artist joins Indigo Studios!

We are very excited to announce that George Remus, the amazing artist and game developer of games such as Gray Dawn and Last Days of Lazarus has joined our team!

Check out his Artstation to see his awesome work!


Interview We talk about the development of our games in 80.lv

Founders and Directors of Indigo Studios Judit Hierro and Kim Planella have told us about the studio's past, present, and future projects.

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Indigo Studios partners up


Indigo Studios teams up with SOEDESCO. Bas de Jonge, SOEDESCO's Business Development Manager, has this to say about the announcement: “We're very happy to partner up with Indigo Studios..." {...}

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