Mystery, Immersive story, decisions influencing progress.

1930's, Samuel, a man with occult beliefs and very revolutionary ideas is contacted by S. Gordon-Stenfield an elderly man desperate for the suicide of Alice, his daughter. 

Together and through a voodoo ritual they send Samuel to a world where only people who have died violently can access.There he will try to recover Alice's soul so she can rest in peace... But the story Samuel will discover as he enters that world will make him realize that nothing is what it seems.


Adventure & Riddles

Solves riddles and secret languages overcome dangerous situations and becomes part of a giant chess game.

Atmosphere, mystery and enigmas await you to surprise you and test your skills...  Will you reach the seventh door?


Interactive adventure & Immersive story

A dark and dramatic story, which happened a long time ago, a suggestive music, will transport you to an experience full of haunting atmospheres, an immersive adventure that will reach deep of your soul.


Adventure, mystery, Immersive story,

Decisions influencing progress.

A man with no memory should remember his tragic and dark history, discovering a nightmare that has been too long forgotten.

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